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Growth disorders are some of the main problems that prevent kids from normal height. Human growth and height are affected by the various factors that include gene, weight, hormone, nutrition, etc.. Due to some changes in diet and lack of proper nutrition for the body, height does not increase. Height Gain Kit is the Ayurvedic product that helps in height growth. This product is a combination of various herbs. These Ayurvedic treatment and herbs are used in various treatments for height increase. Ayurvedic herbs help in natural ways to increase height. If you are looking for an Ayurveda height increases or Ayurvedic treatment to increase height then Height Gain is the perfect product.

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Height Drops

Height drops is a Homeopathic product use to increase height. Actually, it is a tonic used to increase height in children. The key ingredients of the Height Drops are Baryta Carbonica, Baryta Phosphorica, Calc Phos, Silicea, and Thuja Occidentalis.  All these ingredients are helpful in increasing the height in children.

Grow Height Capsules

Grow Height Capsules is an ayurvedic product that helps in the growth and improvement in the height. The main ingredients of the Grow Height Capsules are Makshik Bhasma and Amarbel. Both the main ingredients of the Makshik Bhasma helps in the height gain. Makshik Bhasma helps the body to correct different types of defects in the body and helps in height increasing naturally.

Makshik Bhasma also known as the Swarnamakshik Bhasma have iron and copper. These both nutrients are the need of the body for proper functioning. Apart from helping in height gain, this is also used for the therapeutic treatment of nausea, headache, chronic fever, bleeding piles, vomiting, etc.

The next main ingredient of the Grow Height Capsule is the Amarbel. It is also helpful in the height increase. Amarbel powder is used to increase the length of the body. This Ayurvedic plant is also known as the giant dodder. It is helpful in relieving the abdominal gas, some liver problems, constipation, itching, and wounds. Amarbel is also used for hair growth.

Cell Rejuvenator Tablet

Cell Rejuvenator is an Ayurvedic product that helps in the balancing of the hormones. It comes in the form of tablets. The main ingredients of the Cell Rejuvenator tablet are Dalchini, Kounch, and Shatavari. Dalchini is also known as Cinnamon. It is an aromatic spice and has several nutritional properties. It also has several medicinal and health benefits. Dalchini is used to maintain blood sugar levels, control vomiting, and balance hormones.

Shatavari is a medicinal root that is found in India and adjoining countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka and also in the Himalayas. Its height is almost 1 to 2 meters. It is used in Ayurveda from the past many years as an immunity booster. Its root juice is also used as a cough remedy. Shatavari is also used to improve hormonal imbalances. It has many antioxidant effects that protect the body from the effects caused by free radicals.

Kaunch Beej is another main ingredient of the Cell Rejuvenator tablet. These are the seeds of the Kapikacchu herb. Its Latin name is Mucuna pruriens. This medicinal herb is mainly found in Australia, India, Africa, and America. The Kaunch Seeds are used in the Human growth hormone and also helps the body to increase muscle mass.

Immune Power Powder

Immune Power Powder is an ayurvedic product used to increase the immunity of the body. It also helps in the detoxification of the body. The main ingredients of the Immune Power Powder are Badi Elaichi, Bahera & Anardana. Badi Elaichi is also known as the Black Cardamom is the main ingredient in the Immune Power Powder. Chewing few Badi elaichi seeds every day will help in the detoxification of the body. In the case of vomiting, chewing the cardamom seeds can be a good remedy. It also helps in increasing appetite.

Behra is a tree and it is used for medicinal purposes. In ayurvedic products, behra plays an important role. Behra is useful in Chest Pain, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Osteoarthritis, Water retention, urinary problems, etc.

Anardana or Pomegranates is the third important ingredient in the Immune Power Powder and has many health benefits. Anardana is an effective detoxifying agent. Pomegranate peel is a capable tool if we want to detoxify our body. It is a rich source of Vitamin C. Apart from all these, the peel of Anardana is ideal for dental hygiene.

Divya Amrit Ras

Divya Amrit Ras is an Herbal Tea which helps to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. The herbal tea is a mixture of 32 herbs. It is a mixture of Gau Jaban, Pan ki Jad, Choti Elaichi, Laung, Moti Elaichi, Badiya Khatai, Binaksha, Zoofa, Asgand, Mulethi, Punarnava, Brahmi, Chitrak, Kali Mirch, Adoosa, Saunf, Shank Pushpi, Tulsi Patra, Arjuna, Motha, Sanai, Sounth, Majeeth, Sarfoka, Dalchini, Gulab, Green Tea, Giloy, Tej Patta, Lal Chandan, White Chandan and Pudina.

The tea balances and improves metabolism and also helpful in reducing the ageing process. The herbal tea is Caffeine-free and comprises of Vitamin A, B, B12, C, E, zinc, folic acid, calcium, iron, and chlorophyll. These all are good for maintaining bones, mind, teeth, skin, and muscles. The herbal tea is useful in providing immunity to the body and also improves the metabolism. It is anti-ageing tea and also the body detoxifying tea.


Height Drops:  15 drops in the morning and 15 drops in the evening with warm water before meals.
Divya Amrit Ras: Daily 2 Cups with warm water. Must be taken in the morning before meal and at night.
Grow Height Capsules: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening with warm water.
Cell Rejuvenator Tab: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening with warm water.
Immune Power Powder: ¬Ĺ spoon in the night with warm water.


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