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Koshkiye Punarjivan


The Koshkiye Punarjivan package helps in the removal of all harmful toxins from the body. It helps in blood purification and boosts up the immunity and repair of the dead cells present in the body. The package helps to cure all chronic and fatal diseases such as Cancer, Heart Diseases, Kidney Failure, and all the other operative diseases. Koshkiye Punarjivan package has all the functions of the detox package and metabolic package. Our body’s immune system does an exceptional job of protecting you against disease-causing microorganisms. The immune system of the body protects the person from the attack of germs and other microorganisms. Koshkiye Punarjivan package is the combination of Ayurvedic herbs that are good in Ayurvedic treatment for blood purification, heart diseases, and cancer.


  • Clean the body internally
  • Improves the nutrition and helps in balancing the hormones
  • Improves the immunity and nourish tissues & organs
  • Maintain the flow of Blood and improves the nervous system
  • Maintain Aura & Chakra and Purifies Blood

Urja Tablet

  • Ayurvedic product used for digestion and its improvement, Balances the hormones and acts as an immunity booster.

Detox Powder

  • Helps in detoxification of body, removes toxic substances, rejuvenates all organs and helps in losing weight.

Shudhi Tablet

  • Helps in purification of whole body, cleaning of blood and intestines. .

Amrit Ras

  • Herbal tea that helps to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.
  • A mixture of 32 ayurvedic herbs.
  • Improves the metabolism.
  • Reduce the ageing process.
  • Rich source of minerals that are good for bones, mind, skin, teeth and muscles.


  • Detoxify Blood & Cleanses the liver and kills all bacteria, fungus, virus, cancerogenic cells remove extra fat, Cholesterol , overgrown cells from body in the form of urine, motion, sweat, sneeze ,tears, etc
  • Cleanses the spleen, kidneys, heart, lungs, pancreas and other organs.
  • Improve circulation and creates Alkaline environment in the body.
  • Useful in treating arthritis, Liver problems, CKD and other fatal diseases

ID – 365

  • helps in improving immunity by providing nutrition to the immune cell for e.g. B- Cell, T-Cell etc
  • repairs the immune cell which are damaged during the attack or killing the bad cells, dead cells, bacteria, virus, fungus and helps in regaining immunity.
  • Protects the body against viral and bacterial infections.
  • Reduces the occurrence of illness and premature degeneration of body cells.
  • Improves healthy circulation and blood flow.


  • Divya Amrit Ras: 4 times a day with warm water. It is advised to take the Divya Amrit Ras in sitting in Malasana as it will be beneficial.
  • Detox-24: 30 drops in the morning after meal.
  • ID – 365: 30 drops in the evening after meal.


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